We are a team of creative problem solvers.

Based in Santa Cruz, CA, we work with clients worldwide to reach their business, marketing, and communication goals. Companies hire us for a wide variety of projects; everything from developing a logo or formatting a monthly newsletter to developing and maintaining their online presence and creating a powerful brand. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products on schedule and within budget. Brooktown’s unique approach to problem-solving means that we evaluate each project’s budget and requirements to create customized design solutions.


Building strong brands is our business. We strive to create simple, long-term solutions that define an identity for a startup as well as an established business. Design is paramount to a business’s image. It is the way customers engage with the business, by enhancing their experiences with services and products through emotional connections. Clearly and consistently communicating the right messages about your products and services to your customers is a key way to influence a customer’s perception of your brand.


Graphic design is more than just good looks and great style; it’s also about communicating your message in the best way possible. We will help you generate print materials that effectively communicate with your audiences, from flyers and direct mail pieces to brochures and newsletters. We can gear our design work to fit your current brand image, or we can help you develop an entirely new look for a cohesive brand identity.


Customers have the power on the Web. If they’re not happy with their experience, all they have to do is click over to a competitor’s site. We aim to create attractive, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate interfaces that will draw in customers and keep them exploring your business. Whether it be a website, interactive ad, mobile application, or email campaign, we will design your product so that it is logically organized and easy to access.

Some of our clients include:

Brook is a talented, knowledgeable, creative graphic designer who is service-minded and easy to work with. I recently hired Brook to help me with a product for my company. She captured the essence of the project so very well and I am thrilled with the end result. I love how Brook likes to play with ideas, designs, papers and creative solutions. Her passion for what she does is evident. Through the project process, Brook made suggestions and helped me to understand some of the other things I needed to think about (or not) – things like copyright, isbns etc. She was also very skilled at making sure I did things the way I wanted and at my pace. I can HIGHLY recommend Brook and her graphic design services. I know that I will be using her services again!

Janette Valentino

Life Coach, Valentino Coaching

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